2 days this week after high intensity exercise I have been feeling dizzy...Just took my BP 137/98. ?

Depends: history? Hypertension has no symptoms. "dizzy" may mean inner ear problem (vertigo) or less blood/oxygen/glucose to the brain (syncope). Diet changes, dehydration, or over-exercising can make you dizzy. Track your BP daily and look for trends. Make sure: wait 1h after smoking, coffee, or exercise. Sit for 5 minutes, support your arm on a table, use a proper size cuff positioned correctly. Work with md/rn.
"Cooling Off" Common causes of post-exercise dizziness include but aren't limited to low blood sugar, dehydration, and orthostasis. If this is a new exercise regimen, speak to your primary care physician prior to beginning the new routine. If not, ensure you are well hydrated and eating a small meal beforehand - be more deliberate about "cooling off" after each activity to give your body time to transition.