If my finger touch vaginal fluid (outside her virginal), and I use that finger wear condom, touch penis for sexual intercourse any change HIV risk? (if she positive hiv; my finger, penis is no cut)

Get tested. Any skin contact with fluids from an HIV positive person is risky even id you don't have a break in your skin (though blood is riskiest). Hiv can pass through mucous membranes. Get tested and always use barrier protection.
Risk is very small. Your risk to become HIV positve is almost none. Since u used condom and there are no cuts on finger or penis, makes your risk to contract hiv, almost none. To become HIV positive, one requires a very high level of HIV virus exposure, and I do not see that in your case. Please consult your pcp and an id doctor. Thanks.

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My finger touch vaginal fluid (outside virginal) and after I used my finger to wear condom and touch my penis. After sexual intercourse (finger and penis is no cut, just normal skin), any change hiv?

Low probability. Males pass to females more easily than the other way around via sperm in the vagina after long periods of intercourse, this type of minimal contact is very unlikely to spread hiv. Check out the rates of female to male transmission with unprotected intercourse. It is generally vigorous, repeat exposure that allows virus into the bloodstream. Does the person have hiv? Get tested if concerned. Read more...
Risk of HIV. Yes, there is a risk of transmission. There is also a risk of transmission from having intercourse with the condom. Condoms do not completely prevent HIV transmission. Get tested now, and again in 6 months if the first test is negative. Read more...