I am looking for an unbiased study that compares health outcome of a vaccinated group with a non vaccinatedgroup. Please help.

Done for every vacc. In order for a vaccine to be approved in the United States, the maker has to prove to the fda that the vaccine actually works (really decreases disease, or makes disease much milder), through years of research studies. The studies for the newer vaccines such as RotaTeq rotavirus diarrhea vaccine and Gardasil cervical cancer hpv vaccine may be available from the makers' or the fda's websites.
Part three. Obstruction), then that vaccine has been immediately removed from the market. All this being said, there's a reason we have lower infant mortality now than 100 years ago, and that reason is at least partly vaccines. If i understood the question, then there's the answer. If i did not correctly understand the question, sorry for being so long winded.
Part two. Been tested in an unbiased manner to see if that particular vaccine decreases the likelihood of a child catching that particular disease. The answer with each and every one of them is yes. Those studies look at one disease, not over all health outcomes. However, any time a problem is later found to occur after a vaccine (like the 1990's rotavirus vaccine, which caused a rare intestinal (cont.).
Hard to find. I think what you're asking for is a study that looks at whether vaccinated children are, as a whole, healthier than unvaccinated ones. If i'm understanding the question correctly, then i don't know of any. I've read tons of claims from non-vaccinators, but none that i've seen rise to the level of good scientific data. What dr. Kwok correctly answered is that each individual vaccine has (cont.).