What are my ideal cholestrol levels?

Total less than 200. Optimal total cholesterol is less than 200 mg/dl. Total cholesterol is made up of lipoproteins like LDL and hdl. It's good to have LDL ("bad") cholesterol as low as possible, but the recommended level is based on your risk factors for heart disease. Ldl under 100 mg/dl is optimal, but if you're low risk, your doctor may give you a higher upper limit, such as 130. A high HDL is good (more than 60).
Depends. Actually the ideal cholesterol level depends on your risk factors. For example, if you already have heart disease or diabetes, your LDL (bad cholesterol) level should ideally be 70 or less. We have learned there is probably no "too low" for adult cholesterol levels. If you are healthy and don't have any risk factors your "acceptable" LDL levels according to the ncep could be as high as 160.
Depends. In general, the lower your cholesterol level is the better. By determining your risk and subtracting your hdl-c level from your total cholesterol level, your doctor may be able to better assess whether you need life style and/or drug therapy. Importantly, some patients with a "lower" cholesterol level are still at significant risk. Consult your doctor.
Depends. Note that the total cholesterol in the blood is the total from cholesterol in hdl, ldl, vldl, and some from triglycerides. Cardiac risk is very closely related to the ldl-c, but perhaps most closely related to something called "non-hdl cholesterol" which is the approximation of the lipid particles that contribute to coronary disease. New "ideal" levels will come from new pending guidelines.
Not an easy question. The cardiology experts made the answer to your question much more complicated this year. Previously, treatment targets were in the form of LDL (bad) cholesterol levels: ideal LDL was under 70 mg/dL for high-risk patients with known cholesterol-clogged arteries, while LDL under 130 mg/dL was good for low-risk patients. Now, these LDL targets have been replaced by medication dosing guidelines yikes!
Cholesterol <200. Cholesterol can be upto 200 provided it is double of triglyceride ie - if triglyceride is 100 cholesterol should be 200; if triglyceride is higher than 100 need to work to bring both to normal - taking carnitine orally will lower triglyceride and red yeast rice with lower cholesterol.