What should I take to get a better immune system sine im breaking out all the time?

Take a trip to a Dr. There are no home remedies for treating acne, but eating a healthy diet, being happy, and living a low-stress lifestyle may help. Washing the face 2-3 times a day is fine, but scrubbing and irritating the skin makes acne worse. Over-the-counter Benzoyl Peroxide Gel can help. A doctor can look for hormonal and other medical problems, but having regular acne doesn't suggest an immune system problem.
Detoxify. Detoxify your systems to get the immune system working better. Drink only filtered water (brita); 8 glasses daily; avoid processed/boxed foods & especially sodas. Eat fresh organic foods. Colon cleansing, rebounding to remove toxins. Whole food organic supplements to rebuild at cellular/molecular level. See my website for my favorites www.Medac4u.Com.