How likely is it that I could get pregnant after my husband had a vasectomy? I know too many people

Vasectomy effectiv ? It may take about a month to really have assurance that their sperm count is low after vasectomy. During that period he ( or the couple)must use other methods of pregnancy prevention. The ideal thing is to use other method & check the sperm after the procedure at 3 & 4 months or once after 16 wks. As many as 1 in 100 vasectomies may fail to prevent pregnancy within five years of the vasectomy.
Very very unlikely. Unfortunately as many as 30% of men never get their sperm checked after vasectomy. Isn't that incredicle! men are not great at that stuff. So all you women out there make sure that your guys get their semen checked after the vasectomy/\.
Yes.... Studies showed the recanalization rate after vasectomy has run as high as 1-5 %, but its effectiveness for birth control is up to 99.85%. So, failure does happen as known to us, nothing is perfect.
0.2% failure rate. Vasectomy is an outpatient procedure that can be performed in a doctor's office under a light sedative. Vasectomy stops sperm from getting through, but it does take some time to become effective. Patients should expect that it takes about 15 ejaculations to "clean out the pipes." most doctors advise 2 semen samples to be checked. Even with this precaution, there is a 0.2% chance of pregnancy.
Not likely. Vasectomy is considered a permanent form of contraception for men and couples. Failure rates are thought to be 1 in 2000 or around 0.4%--this is considerably more effective than other forms of birth control. Failure rates are highest in the first 2-4 months following vasectomy, when there is still developed sperm in the male. A sperm count to confirm no sperm should be done 2-4 mo. After proced.
Only the man sterile. Vasectomy prevents sperm from getting into semen, and should include: the surgery, using other birth control or condoms to collect the next 20 ejaculations (for 6 weeks), and then giving a semen sample at the urologist's office to be sure no more sperm is in the semen. After all three of these things are done, urologists estimate the vasectomy failure rate at 1 case out of several thousand men.
Rare if sperm tested. Vasectomy is safer, cheaper, and more effective than a woman getting her tubes blocked/tied. It will not affect a man's sex drive or ability to ejaculate b/c that's dependent on the prostate/seminal vesicles that aren't affected. It's irreversible; ppl who try have limited success. It takes 3 months to make sure the vasectomy worked and is not 100%, but very very close. No needles/scalpels needed!