I used prednisone for 3 days for gout. 60mg first, then 40, 20.Stopped because of sweats. Will I get effects. Been off for 36 hrs. Little light head.?

Sweating and. Light-headedness are well-known side effects of steroids and should go away a few days after you're off the prednisone. As dr. Namey noted, steroids are usually not the first line of treatment for gout, but there are times when non-steroidal antiinflammatories are either dangerous or can't be used (like in diabetics or patients with kidney disease), in which case Prednisone is used.
Not appropriate ther. Affected joints can be injected. Typically, patients are given nsaids and started on Colchicine for several days before starting a drug to lower uric acid, which causes gout. Shotgun therapy with high does steroids may give relief, but side effects are plenty. I have never done this for gout and I am in rheumatology!