3+ hematuria, dark yellow urine colour clears after drink a lot of water renal us clear no kidney stones prostate size normal no wbcs in urine?

Hematuria. Having blood in the urine is not normal. A ct scan of the pelvic will be needed and you need to see a urologist for further evaluation like a cystoscopy for direct visualization of the genitourinary tract.
More work up to do. If no protein in urine, need urology care with bladder scope (cystoscope) and may be ct. If protein is positive in urine, then you need nephrology care and may be kidney biopsy with more blood tests.
Here are some... Clearing dark yellow urine after drinking a lot of water suggest you've adequate kidney function; that is good. Seeing 3(+) blood in urine chemstrip needs microscopic exam to verify the degree of microhematuria + blood test to verify renal function. How to deal with blood in urine? Please peruse article in http://formefirst.com/hematuria.html; thereby you can work closer & better with urologist...