What can I give my 2 yo for diarrhea?

Fluids fluids fluids. Anti-diarrheal medications are not recommended in children. The most important thing is ensuring that your child does not get dehydrated. Therefore, you want to make sure he or she is drinking plenty of fluids. Pedialyte is the best fluid option as it has the ideal balance of electrolytes without the sugar. Concerning symptoms would include a fever or blood in the stool.
Keep him hydrated. Lots of liquids are key to helping him through the illness. Keep feeding him an age appropriate diet if he is able to take some food. We don't recommend cutting out foods if your child has diarrhea. If he develops bloody diarrhea or a rash see your pediatrician. Anti-diarrhea meds are not helpful and may just prolong the illness. Generally no antibiotics are necessary.
Jello juice. Boil cup of rice with water and take the top portion (gives starch) add childs favorite jello powder and store in fridge give this as drink until diarrhea stops.