What are the benefits of testosterone treatments?

GREAT. If you are testosterone deficient you will see improved energy, stamina, increased muscle mass, weight reduction. Improved performance and stamina in the bedroom. One risk to watch for is it can make prostate cancer go wild so make sure you get your psa and digital rectal exam to insure this is not present.
Reverse aging signs. Testosterone use has been shown to be safe and can be highly effective at reversing the signs and symptoms of aging. In fact it can even prevent diseases caused by low testosterone levels. If properly managed and needed, testosterone therapy can be an effective choice for men; the increase in testosterone usage may indicate that more men are taking charge of their health and actively fighting the.
5 Benefits. If you are proven to be low-t {hypogonadism}, then you will most likely notice some or all of these benefits: improve sexual desire and function. Increase bone mineral density. Improve mood, energy and quality of life. Change body composition and improve muscle mass and strength. Improve cognitive function.