Daughter has a deep cough but no fever? Should I be worried?

Not necessarily. It's a good sign your daughter has no fever. If it looks like a cold with a just a runny nose and deep cough, it's okay to wait 3-4 days and see how she does before seeing your doctor. Cough can be caused by lots of things and not just infection. Acid reflux can do it. So can an aspirated object (if your daughter's a toddler). Good luck!
Not necessarily. Coughs are usually caused by viral or bacterial illnesses in children. The absence of fever suggests a likely viral cause, which means no antibiotics would be needed. However, she should be seen by a doctor if she does develop fever, if the cough continues to get worse, if she has trouble breathing, or you have other concerns. Generally speaking, with viral illnesses, the cough can last 7-10 days.
Possibly. The lack of fever is somewhat reassuring that an illness like pneumonia is not likely. However, this time of year there are plenty of viruses that cause wheezing, croup, and other respiratory illnesses than can be more serious than the common cold and need different therapy. It also depends on the age of your daughter, but she should probably be examined by a doctor.

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4-year-old daughter with deep cough lasting three days. Low fever (not over 100) comes and goes. Some mild rash on back. Doctor time or wait it out?

Wait it out. It is most likely viral. Give it a few more days . If she begins having really high fevers or not eating/drinking and breathing faster, then seek medical attention. Read more...

Husband was ill 2wks ago. Now I have deep cough & sob with o2 of 92. I have sarcoidosis & am imuno-compromised. No fever should I be seen for pneumonia?

Yes. Anyone, but particularly someone with an underlying illness, who has compromised respirations should be seen by a doctor asap. Go now. If you cannot see your pcp right away, try an er or urgent care facility. Good luck and hope you are better soon. Read more...
Yes. Take no chances. It is better to be checked not to end up sitting home too long with a serious infection. Read more...