Hematuria in 34 year old cumadin patient. Urine tests shows no cancer cells. Ct shows calcification in the bladder wall. Why would be blood in urine?

Hematuria . You will probably need a cystoscopy to definitely exclude a bladder tumor or a polyp. Only then would your hematuria be a mystery?
Bladder Calc. Bladder calcifications can be caused by a variety of disease including schistosomiasis, bladder cancer, encrustation cystitis, and drug induced cystitis, and even tuberculosis. In order to make a definitive diagnosis, one would need a cystoscope.
What is the inr ? Make sure there is no pathology that is serious in the bladder. Make sure you do not have a bladder infection. Sometimes that comes with taking coumadin (warfarin). Make sure you are having the inr check on Coumadin (warfarin) done. Should be 2-3 in most cases.

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Fearful re: bladder cancer. Have had microscopic blood in urine for nearly 2 years. Told due to warfarin. Now bladder not completely emptying. Often.

Urologist. Would recommend a urologic evaluation for hematuria and voiding dysfunction. Read more...
Not necessarily... Blood in urine could be caused by multiple reasons.Most commonly UTI and stones.When it is painless it's worrisome for possible cancer but not necessarily.If you have been evaluated and already told it was caused by Coumadin (warfarin) most likely that is the reason.A cystoscopy gives a reliable diagnosis. Your symptoms could be caused by UTI so i advised you to see your pcp or urologist to evaluate further. Read more...

69yrs old CT scan result : urinary bladder appears thickwalled+trabeculated 0.9CM along right lateral wall. Has BPH. No blood in urine. Worrisome?

Nope. just the "response" of bladder muscle to the obstruction from your prostate gland...it's like any MUSCLE if it has to work harder it will increase in bulk! The "worrisome" part is the enlargement of the gland. There is effective MEDICATION for this and (naturally) prostatic cancer should be ruled out! Hope this is helpful! Dr Z. Read more...