I have oral cancer. I have a white bump on my lip and itsbeen there for around 6 to 7 months now. What should ido?

See below. Why have you waited so long? You need to go to a dentist and get this looked at.
Could be. Weird spots and scabs on the sun exposed areas of the face that hang around for months should always be checked out by a doctor because we worry about skin cancer. Inside the mouth, i like to say that if you have an ulcer/lesion that hangs our for more than 2 weeks, it should also get checked out by a doctor, especially if you smoke! harmless things like canker sores go away by then. Cheers!
Possibly. Oral cancer can be part of the possible diagnosis. See a dentist asap to make sure it is nothing serious.
Needs to be checked. It can and should be checked, possibly with a special light or by biopsy. The only way to know for sure is under a microscope.