What should I look for in a sunscreen?

2 things. You need 2 things: a good uvb protector. This is what the spf rating refers to. Octinoxate is wonderful and safe. No more than a 50 spf. Anything higher is useless and to full of other chemicals. You must have a metal in it such as zinc or titanium. These protect against uva rays. Higher spf is nonsense. You must reapply them frequently and avoid the sun to be affective. Wear a hat and be well!
Two thngs. 1] spf-15or higher 2]a base that you tolerate. I advise patients to use environment appropriate screens i.e. Water proof when in the water or sweating, less oily when skiing, etc.
Zinc oxide. When buying sunscreen, look for products that have micronized zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in them. These broad-spectrum physical blocking agents protect against both uva and uvb rays without harmful chemicals. Find a product with a minimum spf of 30, but remember that spf only applies to the uvb rays. No standard measurement of protection is yet available for the uva component of sunlight.

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What should I look for in a sunscreen to prevent breakouts?

Non comedogenic. Do not use oil base or products that clogs pores. Look for term non comedogenic. Read more...
Sunscreens & Acne. If you have acne/ break-out prone skin, look for sunscreen formulations that have been designed for acne-prone skin. They should be labeled oil-free, non-comedogenic or both. Broad spectrum uva/uvb protection is critical. A very nice option is a highly refined mineral formulation that works well for all skin types and can be effortlessly reapplied all day long (over makeup) without clogging pores. Read more...