Wbc15.7 10^3/microlitr. Platelet 347 10^3/microlitr. Neutrophil 62%.Lymphocyte34%.Monocyte1%.Eosinophil1%.Atypiclymph2%. Is it blood cancer? Aml? Cml? All

Hard to be certain.. But these counts seem more consistent with a reactive process. You WBC count is on the high side, but your absolute neutrophil count (anc) is ~10k and your PLT count is normal. Neutrophils only last ~24hrs once made, so a high anc suggests robust marrow synthetic function. Your PLT count supports this as well. Cml, while uncommom, is possible. Confer with your dr., but i'd be surprised by ca.
Need context. First, this is part of a CBC and it we can't tell from this if you are sick or not. Second you must talk to your doctor with questions like this, and if you don't get answers, then find a doctor who will explain test results to you. This question is like showing us a picture of your computer and asking what is wrong with the transmisison on your car.