What is acute pain?

Recent. It is a type of pain which has started recently, less than 30 days ago such as sudden headache, back pain, and abdominal pain.

Related Questions

What causes acute pain in my toe and finger tips?

Diabetes. Some diabetics get neuropathy in the extremities which can cause this pain. Otherwise gout can be lurking, injuries, poor capillary circulation in the extremities sometimes related to cigarettes, and other collagen vascular diseases. If it continues to bother you; see your doctor for a closer look. He can get a more detailed history.

What can cause acute pain during sex?

Evaluate. There are many possible causes. I will assume this is a woman asking. If there are inadequate vaginal secretions this can cause friction. Aggressive penile thrusting can cause pain. Vaginismus is another possibility. Please have this checked by your gynecologist if this is an ongoing problem.

What could cause acute pain in right lower back and acute pain on right side above iliac crest when pressure is applied?

Many causes exist. But the possibility that it may be an appendicitis, kidney stone, or ovarian problem among others would be reason enough to have it checked out if it lasts more than an hour or so. If there is an associated fever, it should be checked out right away.