I have heard of epidural steroid injections for back and neck pain, what is that?

Pain shots. An epidural steroid injection in the neck or back allows for administration of steroids (anti inflammatory) into an area near irritated nerve roots and/or bulging disks.
Relieves pain. Epidural injections can be used in all areas of the spine. The procedure involves the use of anesthetic and steroid medications injected into the epidural space (the lining of the nerves, spinal cord, and brain)) to relieve pain or diagnose a specific condition.
ESI. An epidural corticosteroid injection is is used to treat the radicular pain. It is believed that the steroid reduces the inflammation around the nerve root and alleviates the pain. Sometimes the effect is temporary, but other times the benefits continue even after the steroids have lost their effectiveness. It is an elective procedure.