What makes up this "team" of providers for interventional pain management?

Pain team. The best pain groups will comprehensively address the history of your chronic pain condition, review diagnostic tests and or order new ones, perform a detailed pertinent physical examination, then design an individualized treatment plan which can include injections, braces, creams, medications, physical therapy and more options. This may also include acupuncture, massage, pain psychology and rehab.
An Interventional. Pain specialist can perform invasive procedures, like nerve blocks and spinal cord stimulator placements. They will have assistance from support staff and some times x-ray techs. They can also use an anesthesiologist to monitor and care for the patient during the intervention.
Diverse team. In cooperation with your primary care physician (or another physician who may refer you to an interventional pain management physician), depending upon your particular problem, you may only need the interventionist. However, case dependent, counselling, physical therapy, nursing, and other professionals may be called upon.