I'm generally healthy, planning pregnancy, 32 y.O. 1) what's the recommended dosage of folic acid? 2) should I take prenatal vitamins?

Pre-Pregnancy. You should take 800-1000 mcg of frolic acid daily while you are trying to conceive. Most daily multivitamins for women have that amount. You really don't need a prenatal now. Good luck!
400 mcg. 400 mcg is recommended dosage. However, if you have a family history of spinal defects with previous pregnancies then 4 mg is recommended.

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Can I take prenatal vitamins & DHA without ob-gyn prescription? I'm on my 5-6th week of pregnancy. I take 5 mg of folic acid everyday. Visit a doc in 1m

Yes. A lot of prenatal vitamins are sold over the counter, you could try taking a basic one until you see your obstetrician at that time she will recommend what to continue with. Congratulations! Read more...