Is fibromyalgia caused by depression?

No. No depression does not cause fibromyalgia. However, suffering from chronic pain can cause anxiety and depression which can make fibromyalgia symptoms worse.
No. Fibromyalgia is a real entity causing muscle aches and fatigue. It is thought to be caused by abnormally low brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Low levels of these same chemicals are responsible for causing depression. Therefore the two are related but separate entities.
No. ? is fibromyalgia depression-caused. No! Multiple co-factors (childbirth, obesity, mechanical injury & hypermobility) conjoin as pelvic joint mechanical destabilizers; causing unstable body tower to tilt within gravitational field; inciting widespread repetitive stress soft tissue injuries as result of asymmetric biomechanical function; evoking symptom constellation labeled as "Fibromyalgia". .
Fibromyalgia. Depression causes fibromyalgia. The key is an imballance in the area of the thalmus. This causes lack of pain filtering by thalmus an increased pain perception.