What do I do if my child has a fever?

Depends on age. If your child is an infant - it is not safe to just observe a fever. This answer is totally dependent on age. Please provide further detail or contact your doctor if your child is 3 months or less...
Age-dosed medication. First of all, normal temperatures vary from 97-100.5 degrees. Temperatures above that range are usually a self-defense mechanism, and only need treatment if over 103. Please read my blog on this subject at http://firesidepediatrics.Reachsite.Com/?Offset=0&max=5 mediation doses are no longer accurate, as fda is phasing out infant drops. However, the remaining information may be quite useful.
More info needed! The age of your child is very important in answering this question. Please call your doctor to discuss. If your child is an infant - fever can be a medical emergency.
Observe. Assuming your child is generally healthy, it is usually safe to observe fevers that are less than 103. Encourage fluids and keep him/her lightly covered. If the fever does nor resolve after 5 days, you should see your family doctor.