I am 34 and have a hiatal hernia. I drink alcohol occasionally. I watch my diet and exercise gas and bloating have increased. Why? Soothing remedies?

See your doctor. Increased gas and bloating are symptoms of malabsorption, generally. This can be multifactorial, i.e. Related to diet, stomach, gallbladder or pancreatic disease, or a host of other issues. Sometimes over the counter products containing mylicon can be of some help, but i would recommend a thorough evaluation with your primary doctor and perhaps upper endoscopy (egd).
Worsening hiatal her. The symptoms you describe of gas and bloating may indicate that you are swallowing more air (not under your control). If the stomach is sitting in a certain position it may make it difficult for it to empty out and thus the symptoms of gas and bloating. Try not to eat anything at night about 2 hrs prior to going to sleep, this may help.