What do I do for croup?

Understand It. A classic sound described as a seal bark or dog bark. Usually worse at nite and 1st thing in the morning.It can be confirmed by your pediatrician. Learn to ignore the sound, but judge the severity by the discomfort of the child.Mild discomfort may respond to steaming the bathroom or a walk outside, more severe breathing trouble needs seen asap in the local er.The root infection is a cold virus.
If mild. Croup is usually mild illness managed at home. Help with cool m?ist, placing child near vaporizerI if you do not have a cool mist vaporizer, even a simple humidifier in child’s bedroom may be helpful. Seek ER ifcool mist not clearing up stridor in 15 minutes, repeated episodes of stridor or trouble breathing child’s chest or stomach retracting, bluish lips,lethargy,drooling,neck pain,stiffness.
Could be more. While it might just be nice to be with your husband and child; if you are having a loss of interest in other areas of you life; have been more emotional; are having trouble sleeping; these could be signs of depression. You should see your physician.
Steroids can help. I usually use Prednisolone 2mg /kg bid x 3 days or oral Dexamethasone 0.6 mg/kg, max 16 mg. Im dex lasts up to 8 days, PO is 2 1/2 days. Dose peaks in about an hour. Warn the parents that they may be emotional or hyper on steroids. I usually tell them that now is a good time to visit the grandparents.
Get seen. Steroids often help the child to get better quickly. Seeing your doctor is an important first step. Watch http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=bf5sxehpgck to learn more.
Call doc. See your doctor first! in my practice, after i determine hospitalization is not needed, I use two homeopathic remedies that work well for croup. Spongia and hepar sulf. Details for use can be found in common sense pediatrics.

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My "green" (1.5 gpm) shower head won't steam up the bathroom. What do I do for croup now?

Moist air. Steam does work pretty well, but any moist air will help (probably can get this from "green" shower head by running it for a while with the bathroom door shut. A humidifier can work also. Read more...