What is the overall approach to patients with allergies and asthma?

Avoid allergens. 1.Avoidance one should avoid things to which you are allergic. Also avoid irritants like cigarette smoke and air pollution. 2. Medication medications control inflammation and symptoms, but do not cure. It is important to take medications regularly. 3. Immunotherapy for environmental allergies, allergy shots are effective. New research shows oral desensitization effective for food anaphylaxis.
Treatment... Treatment of allergies and asthma includes avoiding the triggers responsible for the reactions as much as possible. Other treatments aim at relieving symptoms like bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory meds like steroids.
Treat and control. The general approach to patients with allergies and asthma is to treat both. Allergies should be identified and treated (if possible), if that is not possible a leukotriene agonist is a reasonable adjunct. Additionally, any symptoms should be addressed - rhinorhea from allergies should be treated with nasal steroids and saline washes (+/- claritin), and asthma should be controlled with (comment.