Hot flush no fever hypertension hyponatremia haematuria?

Serious. You do not seem to have asked a question. If the signs and symptoms you describe are yours, strongly suggest you see a nephrologist (kidney specialist) asap. Blood in the urine suggests dysfunction of the glomerulus (part of the kidney), tuberculosis or tumor. Hyponatremia can be due to multiple factors but in this instance suggests kidney dysfunction. Please see someone soon.

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Isolated gross hematuria dysmorphic rbc. Elevated ck. Mild hypertension. Early androgentc alopecia. Had severe flu 1yr ago. In winter raynauds r hand.

The interest. Is in the right handed raynaud's. The body is normally controlled asymmetrically. If oxidative function in brain becomes inefficient, the asymmetry increases. So you might find that the left arm blood pressure is different from the right when taken at the same time by 2 operators. Raynaud is complicated but the asymmetry is unusual. A nutritionist doc might help. Read more...