I don't want to do IVF, do I have other choices?

Yes. Almost anyone has choices, unless a woman has 2 blocked tubes or unless a man's sperm needs to be surgically extracted. Those situations require ivf. In other situations, ivf may be preferable, but insemination (iui), pills, injections and even laparoscopy could help a couple become pregnant.
Yes. Only 10% of the infertility population ever need ivf to conceive. Educate yourself to make a well informed decision. Ask lots of questions of your doctor to understand your condition and all treatment options.
Depends. There are times when ivf is the only realistic option (e.g. Women with blocked tubes not amenable to surgical correction, men with extremely low sperm count). But in the vast majority of cases, there are multiple other options for getting pregnant. Ultimately, however, you need to be comfortable with whatever choice you make!