Does hot water with honey and lime in the empty stomach causes loss weight?

No. Water in general can help with weight loss as it gives you a full dealing if drinking before eating. Honey and lime won't necessarily help you.
Calories. When calories in exceeds calories used in a day you gain weight. If the honey and lime in small amount with a cup of warm water enables you to feel full faster and eat less then it may help. If your eating and activity habits remain the same, i doubt it wi effect much change.

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Please suggest that lukewarm water with honey and lime together take it with empty stomach cause to reduce some weight or it just a myth....Or works?

Diet and exercise. The healthiest way to lose weight is a healthy well balanced diet and regular exercise. Cut out all sodas and drink water instead. For snacks dont eat sugar filled cookies and such, instead opt for healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables or even different kind of nuts which can also give you some energy. Get 7-8 hours of sleep at night which is important. Dont eat upto 2 hours before bedtime. Read more...