Recovering a little from incomplete bowel movements, but bad breath wont go away, even when not constipated, would this work golden seal 500mg?

Bad Breath from.... I am a dentist and not a physician or gastroenterologist so i can only speak from that standpoint. There are many reasons for bad breath, both dental and medical. Poor oral hygiene is by far the biggest cause of bad breath. See this site for some possibilities, but also discuss your symptoms\issues with your physician.
Oral hygiene? Why do they have to be related. You are not telling us if this is new, if you took any medications or changed your life style. Plus, if you have poor oral hygiene what even issue you might have allowed the bacteria in your mouth to work overtime. See a dentist.

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I have incomplete bowel movements. I have to go to the bathroom multiple times a day, fiber or water isnt the problem. I feel always full and bad breath?

Not normal! See your primary care doctor first! you may be sent over to a GI specialist. You need to be seen! Read more...
GI disturbance . Your GI tract is not functioning normally. Try eating some yogurt with active cultures to stimulate your digestion & get things moving again. This should also help your breath. Read more...