Should I take weight loss pills?

No. There are very few safe, effective options when it comes to pills to help with weight loss. I enjoy helping people with weight loss, but very rarely doe that involve appetite suppressants, although often other meds are helpful. The best way to start is to make an appointment for a discussion & blood work. It is helpful if you bring a food log (just a day or two of your typical food intake).
Depends. It isbetter to have a structured weight loss program to prevent muscle loss - will cause life threatining problems - be careful with weight loss pills.

Related Questions

Can I take weight loss pills while on the Depo-Provera shot?

Why? Weight loss pills (otc) don't work, and prescription pills only work as long as you take them. Why not learn how to eat less and exercise for the rest of your life rather than depending upon pills that won't help you? Don't get your medical information from friends, tv or the internet.

If I take weight loss pills while on the Depo-Provera shot can it have sideffects? And if so what are they?

Of course. The use of the Depo-Provera shot is irrelevant to the risks of weight loss pills. Please consult your doctor for a proper diet regimen that will result in appropriate weight loss, and a life long habit of healthy eating.

I am 5'9" 340. I've constantly tried losing weight but gain it. I eat healthy. Drink water (no soda, etc...). I have IBS. Can I take weight loss pills?

BMI 50.1. Hi. From the stated information, it looks like you don't have diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol problem, sleep apnea; your GERD could be related to obesity, and you're at risk for all the others. Keep eating a healthy diet, for sure! Yes, you could take weight loss medication, assuming no contraindications; you could also consider bariatric surgery.

How safe is it to take weight loss pills?

Probably not. Weight loss pills do not work. At best they might help a very short-term weight loss, but are full of potential annoying, dangerous, or life-threatening side effects interactions. There've never been proven to help sustain weight loss and I recommend avoiding them.

Is it bad for a teen to take weight loss pills even if it was prescribed?

Depends. All meds have risks. Stimulants for weight loss are generally safe but the patient should have a medical workup w/ EKG. Most MDs prefer a young person change their diet and activity level first but for severe obesity, meds may help w/ motivation & decrease food craving. Belviq (lorcaserin) is a non stimulant option but not been tested in children. Weight loss meds are time limited and not long term solutions.

My daughter is 13 can she take weight loss pills?

Diet Frauds. There are no 'weight loss' or 'fat burning' pills that work. Some are even very dangerous. These products are designed to separate the desperate from their money. If they led to true and lasting weight loss physicians would be recommending them daily and none of us recommend these products.

Is it safe to take weight loss pills with my medications?

Most likely not. When taking medication of any kind, you should discuss this directly with the doctor who is in charge of your care. It would not be a good idea to use any over the counter weight loss supplements or herbal pills. Diet and exercise are still the answer for almost everyone, and improve things like depression, ADHD, IBS, and many issues. There is a type of exercise for everyone. Bet wishes!

Is it safe to take weight loss pills while taking anti depressants if I want to lose weight?

Not enough info. Don't know which antidepressants you are taking & which weight loss pills you are referring to. It is good to avoid polypharmacy when possible. Often the best way to lose weight is the old fashioned way - exercise, health eating and moderation of caloric intake. Weight loss pills may have significant side effects.