Is laser hair removal permanent?

Yes, but. There is a subset of women that are heavy or have hormonal problems who will have significant reduction. They will however have partial regrowth that needs intermittent touchup sessions on face and neck areas. It is also difficult to totally remove hair on arms and legs.
Laser hair removal. Laser hair removal can provide long tern results but I have seen excellent clearing that started to have new hair growth four years later but to a very small extent and not increase over the next several years.
No. Laser permanently destroys hair that are in the active growth stage. Dormant hair and hair that your body has not made yet will be unaffected. Multiple treatments are needed to treat all the existing hair follicles as they become active. Once the series is completed, there will be a significant reduction in hair growth. Over time your body makes new hair and maintenance treatments are needed.
With touch ups. Laser hair removal leaves skin smooth and silky after completion of the recommended number of sessions, usually 8 to 12. After hair follicles have been treated, hair growth should not recur to the same extent. Yearly touch ups may be needed to address slight growth. Learn more at http://dermdocs. Com/.

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Is laser hair removal permanent? Are there any side effects?

Hair removal. Lasers are very effective for hair reduction (hair isn't actually removed, just miniaturized to where it doesn't show about skin surface) in the hands of a properly trained and experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Gray, blond or red hair does not respond to laser treatment. Proper laser must be used for correct skin type which is determined before tx. May have pigment change or scarring.
Laser. Laser hair removal should be thought of as permanent hair reduction not removal as it is difficult remove all the dark targeted hairs. Keep in mind that while effective, laser hair removal will take place over multiple treatments.
Hair removal safe. Laser hair removal is safe, if performed by an experienced professional. It is permanent but can take multiple sessions since it only works for hairs in the growing phase.

Any permanent side effects of laser hair removal?

Pigment change, scar. Complications include redness, a change in the pigmentation of the skin, either lighter or darker, and scarring. Redness and darkening of the skin are usually temporary. Lightening of the skin may also recover. Patients with a tan and darker skin types are at more risk. See an experienced dermatologist or aesthetic physician in order to minimize risk of complications.

I recently heard about electrolysis for permanent hair removal. Why is laser hair removal so much more popular then electrolysis? Is it safe?

Hair removal. Hair reduction is the proper term both work but hair is rarely permanently gone lasar can do wider areas and often less painful both have minor scarring rarely but electrolysis is more labor intensive.
Laser is better. Electrolysis hair removal was the standard before lasers revolutionized the field of permanent hair removal. Now, nothing is permanent and 100% in medicine, but there's permanent hair reduction. While electrolysis treats each hair bulb at a time, laser can treat a lot of hairs instantly at the same time. A bikini area can be lasered in 10 min. Lasers do not work for white, red and light blond hair.

Need help& I want2do FULLbody laser hair removal! Is this permanent and is it at all dangerous to Heath (could laser harm reproductive areas?)

Humans have hair. We humans are mammals, and mammals have hair. It is unnatural to have no hair. Nobody should have a goal or desire to have no hair, because having hair is one of the 4 characteristics of mammals. The other 3 are: we make milk for our babies, we have backbones, and we are warmblooded. Having hair is a normal part of our identity. If a woman has excess hair, her doctor might check her hormones.

How does laser hair removal for full body and face work? How many sessions before permanent generally? Risks? Will laser fade scar marks too?

Laser hair removal. It works by heating and destroying the follicular unit of the individual hairs thereby inhibiting future hair growth and can work for hairs anywhere on the body. The number of sessions depends on your skin and hair color, and the location and density of hair. On average, 3-5 sessions (~4-6 weeks apart), will result in 50-80% reduction in hair growth.

Laser permanently removes the hair? Or is there any chance of reoccurrence? And laser hair removal for people with keloid tendency is safe or not?

Laser Hair Removal. Laser hair removal is very safe, including people with keloids, in experienced hands. We prefer the term "long term hair reduction" as it is hard to permanently remove all hairs. With laser hair removal we see all 3 of (1) permanent hair destruction (2) "stunning" of hair for months/years with eventual regrowth and (3) miniturization of hairs, into peach fuzz, that may eventually change back.
See below. When properly spaced treatments are used with an effective laser, the hair growth should be slowed considerably or completely arrested. Not all lasers can be safely used in patients of all skin types.