What is the single port laparoscopic surgery (spls) procedure?

One incision. Single port surgery uses a special port that multiple instruments go through, unlike traditional laparoscopy where each port canfield only one instrument. Advantages of single port surgery are mostly cosmetic.
Uses one incision. The spls procedure uses a single incision (through the belly button) to accomplish any number of treatments including gallbladder removal, gynecologic procedures (like hysterectomies) and others. By utilizing just one incision, the spls procedure avoids the multiple entry points - usually involving up to four _-inch or smaller incisions - required by traditional laparoscopic techniques.
More cosmetic. This is a newer advance in laparoscopic surgery that allowed the entire surgery to be done through one 2-3 cm incision rather than 3-5 0.5 to 1 cm incision. Usually you can hide the one larger incision in the belly button so you eventually don't see it at all. As a surgeon, I see this as an answer to the question "How can I make this surgery more difficult?".