Is there a way to target fat loss or do people lose fat all over or in a certain order?

No. Some product advertisements claim a person can make fat go away from certain chosen parts of the body. But, the human body uses up fat for fuel from all parts of the body. Gender, sex, & hormonal status affect where fat builds up. Fat distribution varies from person to person, so it is possible to find people who have minimal fat in certain areas, to use in misleading advertisements.
Not really. Fat deposits tend to be genetically decided, making the 'primary' fat very difficult to lose. These are not easily metabolically available (resist diet & exercise). 'secondary' fat is able to respond to diet/exercise and is the usual sites where you will be successful in weight loss and contour change. Unfortunately, you don't get to choose which areas are primary vs secondary.
All over. You generally lose fat from the head down. The only way to target fat loss is with a lipo-suctuion cannula.