I had an upper wisdom tooth removed on tuesday dec 4th. When can I eat honey bunches of oats cereal and granola? As well as cashew nuts.

Normal diet, but.... That was almost 2 weeks ago and the socket should be healed up enough by now for you to resume a normal diet. It would be wise to eat crunchy foods on the other side of your mouth for awhile longer just to be safe. Make sure you rinse out thoroughly after eating and keep the area clean with proper brushing and flossing. Always follow the directions of your own dentist who actually treated you.
Eat carefully. It depends on the state of healing. You should ask your surgeon, who probably saw you last week in follow up. A call to his/her office for clarification is the best way to go. If the dentist thinks they need to see you to assess the healing before saying ok then go be seen.

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