Which heart conditions can affect children after birth?

Too broad a question. Heart conditions that cause babys to turn blue are the right to left shunts tha lets blood bypass the lungs and doesnt get oxygenated. The person looks blue called cyanosis. Tettrology of fallot, transposition of great vessels, vsd with flow reversal called esinmengers syndrome. Are a few of such conditions.
Most fetal condition. Almost all will have am impact after birth, often more severe than in the womb. Some irregular heart beats will resolve. New technology and diagnosis offers more hope than ever before.

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I need to know if heart diseases can be given to a child from father hereditarily. Father has the disease from his birth?

Yes. Yes. Congenital heart disease can be passed from a man to his child if he was a carrier of a dominant trait. Depends specifically on which disease you are referring to. But diseases that are genetically based can be passed from mother or father to child (son or daughter) and in some cases the genes can be passed on without having the disease. (Recessive genes)

I was wondering what are some cardiovascular diseases (heart diseases) that affect children and adolescents?

Cardiovascular disea. The list is long. Let me know if you want to know about a specific disease.
Many. Congenital hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemias. Congenital cardiomyopathies, viral cardiomyopathy, and congenital cardiac anatomical defects to include, tetralogy, transposition, tricuspid atresia, hypoplastic heart syndromes, total anomalous pulmonary venous return, coarctation, interrupted arch, double output right and left ventricle, septal defects, coronary origin anomalies, marfan, ehrles danlos, . .

What are the most common children heart conditions?

Congenital/acquired. The most common congenital heart defect is vsd (ventricular septal defect), whereas the most frequent acquired heart disease is kawasaki disease which outnumbered rheumatic heart disease in us.

What you do for children with congenital heart diseases to make sure they live a happy life?

Emphasize normality. Depending upon the severity of the heart disease, there may be physical limitations. Try to emphasize what they can do rather than what they cannot. Most children recognize their limitations and do not require reminders. They should be allowed to be children. They also require the same discipline that children without heart disease require.

Will obamacare improve the future for children with congenital heart diseases?

Can not be denied. You child can not be denied care for a "pre existing" condition under the new law.
Doubt it. Any kid with a significant birth defect of any sort that would drain the parents insurance or involve the uninsured were already covered by existing Medicaid programs.

I am wondering what heart conditions effect the p wave, qrs complex and t-wave, independently.?

Ecg. Atrial mechanical processes can affect the P wave without changing the others. Ventricular local processes especially damage can alter the qrs. These processes of ventricular alteration would almost always also affect the t wave. Some processes of electrolyte or ischemic nature can change the t wave without changing qrs.

What are some heart conditions that start with a t?

Crossword puzzle? Tachycardia, Takayasu's arteritis, Tamponade, Thoracic aortic aneurysm, Thromboangiitis obliterans, Thrombosis (coronary), Torsades de pointes, Total anomalous pulmonary return, TIA, Transplantation (cardiac), Transposition of the Great Arteries, Tricuspid valve disease, Trifasicular block, Truncus arteriosus, Troponin elevation, T wave inversion, -- that's all I can think of!!

I am exp. Pulse of 47-53 combined with b/p of 87/56. It is Sat. I can't go see my Dr. I do not go to Emergency Room unless it is severe. Do you know what this is? Is it bad? I have heart conditions.

Can't diagnose onlin. It's time to call your doctor's office and tell him/her what you've just noted above. Chances are, as you've noted, office is closed on a Saturday (night). But I'm guessing s/he would tell you to go to ER, given that you have "heart conditions". Low blood pressure, in & of itself, isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless you feel lightheaded, dizzy, faint etc, which is even more likely w/slow pulse.
Side effects. Your findings of low pulse and low BP is secondary to propranolol. If you don't feel dizzy, light headed, there is no need to worry about.
If you have. Continuous atrial flutter and are using propranolol for rate control with a B/P that low I would recommend stopping it and calling your doctor's answering service of definitely go to the ED.