Does progesterone cream increase risk of pregnancy?

It depends when used. Progesterone supplementation after ovulation can increase the chance for implantation and ongoing pregnancy in women with a luteal phase deficiency (suboptimal Progesterone production). Progesterone taken prior to ovulation may cause the endometrium to become secretory and may lower the chance for conception. Progesterone cream alone should not be used for contraception.
Controversial. If your question pertains to the use of Progesterone to improve pregnancy outcomes, this remains a controversial topic. There may be some benefit to using Progesterone in certain individuals.

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Take vitamins. It is always wise to start prenatals before getting pregnant. If you had a miscarriage check 25-oh vit d3 blood level. Vit d deficiency is associated with infertility. Low Progesterone can be caused by stress and insufficient zinc. Avoid dairy, wheat and sugar which grow unfavorable bacteria in the GI tract and may decrease mineral absorption. Read more...