Can a magnesium supplement help resolve pvcs?

Yes. It all depends on what's causing the pvcs. But if your magnesium is on the low side, supplementing mg can help prevent pvcs from deteriorating into a more serious rhythm like v tach or v fib. Usually, mg is an add-on to another cardiac med but you should discuss your treatment options and purpose of each med with your cardiologist.
Can help. If magnesium level is low, if you take supplements, pvcs can resolve, but if mag level is normal, taking mag supplements may not help.

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I have benign PVCs. Which magnesium supplement should I take: glutamate or taurate? Maybe orate?

If your magnesium. is low and is causing cardiac arrythmia Magnesium sulfate can be administered IV or intra-muscularly. Magnesium citrate can be given by mouth in doses of 100-200 mg. Magnesium oxide is most common in commercial vitamins but requires neutralization by stomach acid and is the least bio-available. Low dietary magnesium can be treated by eating more green vegetables with magnesium. Ask your doctor. Read more...
Magnesium Oxide. Oxide most used to keep Magnesium level g.t 2.0 in the blood. Hydrochlor makes one lose potas & Mag. PVC's come from low potas and low Mag. When the Mag level is low it is very difficult to keep the Potas level up (>4.0) even with supplemnts. So take mag oxide 250mg - 500mgs daily until your Mag is >2.0. If kidneys normal can take Mag 250mgs several X a week ongoing. Mag stabilizes muscles. Read more...