Having facial hair does this mean somethings wrong with my overies or hormones omg. Am I sick?

Maybe, maybe not. A woman with excess facial hair can see her primary care doctor for an evaluation, looking for hormonal imbalances that can cause hair growth. The woman can bring a several-month diary to her doctor, with the diary showing when her menstrual periods were and what her weights were if she was gaining/losing weight. Sometimes, hairy features run in the family (one should inform the doctor if so).
Not really. Not really. It could just mean that you're genetically predisposed to have more facial hair. However, occasionally, such symptoms are associated with pcos (polycystic ovary syndrome), ovarian neoplasms, etc... A thorough history, physical and work-up by a competent provider is the start to getting some answers, if the symptoms continue to be bothersome.