I have embarrassing facial hair what's some ways to get rid of this with out the pain of a lazer?

Try a dermatologist. Facial hair may improve by using vaniqa cream. A dermatologist can evaluate the hair and discuss vaniqa. Non-medical removal methods such as threading or waxing may help. In some parts of the world, women use threading to remove facial hair. One can look for a salon that caters to ethnic groups who use threading. A primary care doctor can check to see if a hormonal problem is causing hair growth.
Hirsutism. Are you girl I am not sure - if so fascial hair is a indirect sign of polycystic ovaries - so you can check your hormones and balance them by using Progesterone cream - natural source is yam and use this one face. This might not get rid of the hair. Other abnormal hormone levels may also cause hirsutism, so doctors may check for thyroid disease, prolactin disorders, late-onset adrenal hyperplasia.

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What is the best way to get rid of female facial hair but not laser?

Electrolysis. Other than laser hair removal, electrolysis is a good option for female facial, especially in the areas above the orbital rims, like the unibrow, where you shouldn't laser anyway. Electrolysis also works regardless of hair color, unlike laser where very blond or white hairs cannot be treated.