I have severe night anxiety. New script: 30mg tamazepam, 10 mg valium, 5 hours after taking these I took another val. I feel ill. Is this normal?

Too much sedatives. Taking significant amounts of anxiolytics (sedative medication), and then following by taking a sleeping pill in the same medication family is guaranteed not only to make you feel poorly, but is a potential recipe for addiction or overdose. A better approach would be to ask you physician to prescribe a medicine in the antidepressant family for both problems. Even better, consider counseling.
Too much Medicine. I am sorry you have such anxiety at night but i would caution using both of those medications together as they are in the same family (benzodiazepines). And i would not take a second 10mg valium so close to the first dose. Usually those medications cause sedation and should help with sleep so i would strongly recommend therapy to better help find the root of why you have so night anxiety.