Why do I see bright light with blind spots?

It's serious. While there can be other causes of your symptoms, you should see an ophthalmologist right away because it could be caused by a retinal detachment. If this is not treated promptly, permanent blindness may result.
Depends. If of short duration, occipital migraine is the most likely. If persistent, then it might be a retinal or optic nerve problem. You need an evaluation by your ophthalmologist for this type of symptom.

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Occasional flashing blind spots in eyes and I see flashing when my eyes are closed. What is causing this?

Flashing lights. Flashing lights in the eyes with the lights out cound be a sign of retinal issues (tears, breaks, or detachment), migraine headache related, or other issues. You need to see an eye doctor as soon as possible for an evaluation.

Sometimes I see green not flashing light, sometimes I have half vision in my left eye and sometimes lots of blind spots in my left eye. What is it?

See doctor NOW! Whether this is a retinal/neurologic problem or a blood supply problem, it needs to be evaluated immediately to prevent permanent vision loss.

Been seeing bright flashes or blurred vision/ tiny blind spots that go away. I am going to a neurologist wednesday. Any ideas?

Several. If neurological, consider migraine auras, and less likely, transient ischemia in posterior brain circulation, but instead might this be vitreous floaters, retinal or vitreous detachments, and best to see ophthalmologist to get diagnosed?

Why can I see my blind spot? How does that work?

Whew! The other eye fills in the blank spot. So only can be seen with other eye closed. The blind spot is normal--there is no retina tissue there.

I have headache and earache also sometime I can't see at all my doc say because I have blind spot! Is this a illness?

Misunderstood. Everyone has a blind spot, but we are unaware of it. There are no symptoms of a blind spot and it is not a disease. I think you might have misunderstood your doctor and would suggest going back.

Blind spot in eyes. Hard to fucus and wavy ines on upper eye for 20min. Was in store with very poor flurecent lighting. Should I see a doc.

Wouldn't hurt. If you have blind spots in both eyes, wavy lines in both eyes that goes away after 15-20 minutes, most likely you had a migraine variant or ophthalmic migraine. If the spots are in just one eye, you should make sure an ophthalmologist examines your eye to ensure there is no retinal tear or other pathology. If these symptoms become constant or more frequent, definitely see a doctor.
Yes. In addition inflammatory disease of the brain/central nervous system and/or metabolic diseases can cause these signs and symptoms. You may need to see more than just one physician. You should start now.

Could use expert help with why people have blind spots?

Depends. If you noticed a new blind spot you need to see an eye doc asap. Everyone has a blind spot (where is your optic nerve located) in the outer visual field of each eye which is not visible. Majority of people is unaware of it.