Thickening toe nails?

Maybe fungus? When patients (and many non-dermatologist physicians) see this problem they automatically assume it's a fungal infection but this is only true about 50% of the time. There are several other non-infectious causes of thickened nails including psoriasis, chronic friction/trauma, and hereditary causes. See a dermatologist who may want to take a sample of the nails for a fungal culture and/or biopsy.
See podiatrist. Could be fungus, dystrophy which is thickness without fungus - a scrapping of the toenail can be sent to a pathology lab to find out if there is fungus present.
Nail biopsy first. When patient have thick dystrophy nails they should get a nail biopsy before any treatment. As we wait for the biopsy the patient should begin a topical treatment of urea to soften the nail and an antifungal that cover yeast and dermatophytes. When the biopsy result arrive the nail should be treated as properly. Oral treatment for nail fungal should be add if the nail biopsy comes by positive.
Epsom salt soak. Epsom salt use this to soak feet daily and apply antifungal cream twice daily for 6 weeks - medical model oral antifungal is not good for liver and does not work still.

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I had avulsion of toenail done in may but toe nail found thickened and blackish again?

See podiatrist. You need to have it evaluated and possibly removed on a permanent basis.
Toenail. See your podiatrist - this nail should have been removed permanently to begin with.

Can my toe nails fall off?

Yes. In certain circumstances the toenails can fall off such as after trauma or being on chemotherapy.
Sure. Toenails can fall off because of many causes, namely, trauma, infection (bacterial and/or fungal) and some systemic diseases. If you notice your nail loosening from your nail bed, visit your nearest podiatrist for treatment. Good luck!
It is possible. Some causes of nail separation may include trauma, infection, and reaction or side effect of certain medications. Have them evaluated by a professional and get the appropriate treatment.

Why are my toe nails white and pink?

White could. Always be fungus but pink? I assume you don't have old nail polish on?

My toe nails have rings... What does it mean?

I am. Not sure what you mean by rings but it sounds like you have a fungus.
Lunula. If you mean the area near the cuticle it is the lunula.
Lunula. The rings at the base of the toe are consistent with the growth center of the nail, and the lunula "ring" is the active nail growing visibly.