Could u please explain what is the mechanism in the angle clossure glaucoma and open angle glaucoma.?

Elevated IOP. Angle closure glaucoma is an acute elevation of intraocular pressure secondary to mechanical blockage of the trabecular meshwork (the drainage area of the eye) by the peripheral iris. Open angle glaucoma is usually caused by a chronic elevation of intraocular pressure caused by blockage and resistance to outflow within the trabecular meshwork leading to an optic neuropathy in susceptible eyes.
Anatomy of the eye. The cornea of the eye comes down like a dome over the iris (the colored part of the eye). Where they meet is called the angle, and this is where fluid drains from the eye internally. In angle closure, the iris itself is very close to the cornea, blocking the drainage channels. In open angle, the iris is well away from the cornea, but the channels themselves are blocked. Increased pressure results.