I have been diagnosed with hemiplegic migraine. Is this dangerous? Am I more likely to get a stroke?

Yes. Migraines are associated with somewhat increased risk of stroke. You should do your best to minimize risk by not smoking and not taking birth control pills. Do not let a doctor prescribe triptan medications like Imitrex (sumatriptan) and others, or ergotamine medications for 'complex' migraines. Migraine preventative meds should be considered and you should talk to your doctor about this.
Yes. Quite dangerous. You need to be taking antiplatelet drugs for life. Avoid estrogen. Avoid smoking, whether direct, secondary or tertiary. Make sure your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar are in good shape.

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I have IIH &a daily migraines. Have episodes of hemiplegic migraine which last maximum 2 months. Scans and tests negative for stroke. What causes this?

IIH and HM. many times we don't have an answer for why IIH happens. Often we see IIH in women who have been using certain acne medications or who have gained weight rapidly, but the mechanism of this increased pressure is unknown. Hemiplegic migraines, on the other hand, are often due to a calcium channel mutation - there is a genetic tendency for this protein to let too much calcium in and cause migraine. Read more...