Please describe the medication: namenda (memantine)?

Alzheimer's. Indicated for moderate to severe alzheimer's dementia, and used best in combination with anticholinergic drugs. Seems to slow memory loss, improve behavior, especially agitation, and maybe very useful in nursing homes, where has been noted to improve tv watching. Actually very safe, but only modestly effective.
Alzheimer. In early-moderate stages, some might help slow progression, such as aricept, exelon, (rivastigmine) namenda. They belong to the group of medications called Cholinesterase inhibitors. Namenda is an NMDA receptor antagonist.
Dementia med. Memantine(namenda) works in the brain by blocking excess glutamine in the brain which is found in alzheimers disease. Excess glutamine has been shown to cause over excitation of brain neurons and ultimately cell death. Namenda (memantine) is approved for moderate to severe ad and is often used with another class of dementia meds called cholinestrase inhibitors(like aricept).