I'm trying to get pregnant is there way I can speed up the process?

Target ovulation. You should try to concentrate on the most fertlile part of the cycle, usually from day 10-20. Intercourse every other day is almost as good as every day. Pregnancy rates go down if the spacing is longer. If you have irregular cycles or infrequent intercourse, then do LH or ovulation kits and have intercourse on the day of a positive test and the 2 days that follow.
Stay happy & relaxed. A normal couple having sex 3 times a week should be able to catch the woman during ovulation and fertilize an egg, starting an embryo. Sex more often than that may be fine, and should increase the number of sperm swimming for the egg. Doctors may limit the number of times a man has sex, if he has sperm problems. Too much sex may cause the woman vaginal symptoms from excess semen (changes the ph).