Son has pneumonia, I am sick. Symptoms: fever, aches, chills, cough, headache, thick feeling in throat. When cough tight head and chest. Raspy cough?

See doctor... You may have a viral infection, like the flu as the cause of your symptoms. But, to be certain it is not pneumonia, you would need an evaluation by your doctor, including a chest x-ray. You could also have a bacterial infection requiring antibiotics, whether it is pneumonia or not. So, see your doctor for both diagnosis and treatment.
Influenza? The description sounds like influenza, which can have pneumonia as a complication. You don't mention the cause of your son's pneumonia, viral (which is contagious) or bacterial (usually not so contagious, with some exceptions. Check with your doctor if this seems like more than just flu, especially if you are short of breath, have pain with breathing, or have had fever for more than 5 days.