Is palmar erythema always associated with liver disease? I had my lft done and the bilirubin count was. 70, sgot-56 & sgpt-85. What does this mean?

NAFLd/NASH. Serum-enzyme elevation may indicate hepatocyte injury, which can reflect liver-function impairment. The two most commonly requested “liver-function tests” are ALT & AST
Palmar Erythema can occur in pregnancy and liver cirrhosis. Anyone experiencing the symptoms of palmar erythema should contact their doctor for diagnosis and treatment of any underlying conditions. .
Liver palm! Palmar erythema is associated with estrogen levels, and pregnant women will develop this. In a normal person, liver illness slows the degradation of Estradiol , causing levels to build up. In males, liver disease does the same. Palmar erythema is most often not pathologic. However, you do have mild liber enzyme elevations. Many causes, but the most common causes a deal with is fatty liver.