Pcp & chiro agree I should consider surgery for lower back l3-4 bulge l4-5 herniation l5-s1 bulge. I'm scared what do I need to know and consider?

Second opinion . While some people do get great relief from back surgery. There is a large population of unhappy people out there who go down a spiral of terrible pain , followed by more survey followed by more pain .
Back Pain. Glad to hear you saw your doc and a chiro doc. Please continue to consult w/them but consider other modalities. Your pain is real and from a physical situation but goes through your brain. Consider biofeedback, clinical hypnosis (www.asch.net) and search John Sarno, MD, for body-mind approach. Peace and good health.
Ask. Ask for an opinion from a reputable neurosurgeon or ortho that does back surgery. Most bulges are treated medically unless there is nerve damage that might become permanent . With time the disk will dehydrate and diminish in size with decrease of symptoms without surgery.

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Lumbar MRI showed N impingement @ L5-S1 & poss surgery'd be microdiscectomy to remove extruded part w/ min recovery. Now symptoms indicate L3-L4 impingement too. How would this change poss surgery/recovery?

Include L3-4 too. Surgery could possibly be extended to include L3-4 as well as L5-S1 microdiskectomy; same surgery, just 2 levels rather than 1. Recovery would be slightly more painful, slightly longer, otherwise same plan & prognosis for recovery. Good luck! Read more...
Back surgery. You need to ask your surgeon, however if MRI was fairly recent and showed no problems at L3/L4 then answer probably no change. Pain could be from the extruded fragment migrating slightly and/or inflammation. If you were to have additional disc problems at L3/L4 then surgery somewhat lengthened but really shouldn't affect recovery much. . Read more...