What can I do for teething pain?

Cold. Use a cold teething ring and give baby strength ibuprophen.
Ring, tylenol (acetaminophen) It may help to massage your baby's swollen gums with your finger for 2 minutes. A teething ring may be useful.  tylenol or Ibuprofen can also be used for teething pain.  ask your doctor for appropriate dose for your baby’s weight.
Teething. If your child is in pain with his/her teething, then giving paracetamol or ibuprofen may help. These should be given at the recommended doses for their age.Gently rubbing over the affected gum with your clean finger may ease the pain. Many children find that biting on a clean and cool object is soothing (for example, a chilled teething ring or a clean, cold, wet flannel). Chewing on chilled fruit.