Is it possible to have high creatinine, high blood urea nitrogen and high potassium levels simultaneously?

Absolutely yes. This is exactly what is seen with kidney (renal) failure. I am not making a diagnosis on this information alone. I can only advise strongly that anyone with elevation in bun, cr and potassium, as listed above, should see his/her physician immediately.
Yes. High creatinine and BUN occur in poor kidney function. High potassium levels can occur when kidney function is poor because kidney cannot get rid of potassium.

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Are high blood urea nitrogen levels bad?

Bun. Could be bad. Could be dehydration. Depends how high and the urinslysis. Read more...
Bad high BUN levels? A high BUN by itself rarely gives any information. Blood urine nitrogen (BUN) is a product of protein (p) metabolism. Pt with a low p intake will have low bun's compared to anothers with a high p intake with the same renal function. If your BUN and creatinine are elevated with high sodium and chloride levels, dehydration may be the cause. If not, renal failure may be present. Ask your physician. Read more...